Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES)

What we believe separates us from the rest is our understanding about the things that truly matter. The way we see it, a holistic education is a must to meticulously integrate religious sciences derived from divine revelations with acquired sciences gained through human intellectual faculties.

With that in mind, Al-Hamra adopts the Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES), which was developed by Professor Dr. Hasni Mohammed. IHES has been practised in more than 1,000 schools worldwide including Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Japan.

Integrated Holistic Education System (IHES) focuses specifically on the integration of three key elements which is human potential development program, media and curriculum based on the Quran and Sunnah.

Implementation of the Integrated Holistic Education System

Characteristics in Education consists of 3 features namely:

1. Educator
2. Conductive environment
3. Syllabi

Phases of Education Development:

1. Awareness (Takrif)
2. Character building (Takwin)
3. Implementation (Tanfiz)


Assessment and evaluation IHES is not solely focused on examination based learning but focuses on the integrated, balanced and comprehensive outcome based learning. The Quranic Generation is based on faith which includes:

  1. Immersion of Knowledge
  2. Character Building
  3. Competencies and Skill Enhancement
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Application in Life

Quranic Generation Development Program (QGDP)

Quranic Generation Development Program (QGDP) is the mechanism that enables IHES to generate the Quranic Generation through outcome-based learning that highlights, continuous learning practice.

QGDP consists of 5 stages to produce the true generation of Al-Quran

Phase 1

Reciting Quran

Phase 2

Understanding Quran

Phase 3

Implementing Al-Quran

Phase 4

Immersion Quran

Phase 5

Quranic Generation

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