As we aspire to find the talents and gifts of each and every child, learning at Al-Hamra goes beyond the classrooms. Our co-curricular programme does not only provide a balanced approach towards the constraints of our curricular aspect, but also Sunnah oriented, creating a fun and engaging platform for our students to enhance their skills and competitiveness based on their preferences.
At Al-Hamra’s co-curriculum structure incorporates sports and martial arts that are developed to be consistent with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)  curriculum. This approach increases the performance of our student and prepare them with adequate skills as they merge into the bigger and challenging world. At the same time, we encourage interactive activities that tackle important skills such as problem solving, leadership and healthy competition. With a vast choice of extracurricular activities, we believe a healthy and proactive environment will help to produce well-rounded learners.
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