Admission Guidelines


1. Enquiries.
a. By phone 03-2630 8101 or email (applicant will be scheduled for school visit).

b. Walk-in enquiry (if interested to apply, complete the application form (PDF link) and pay the non-refundable and non-transferrable application fee. Applicant may submit the document checklist during the assessment).

2. School Visit
a. If interested to apply, please bring along the complete application form (PDF links) as well as the document checklist.

3. Applicant Fee
a. Pay the non-refundable and non-transferrable application fee. If by cheque, payable to Musyawarah Management Sdn Bhd.

4. Submission of Application
a. The application will be reviewed by the Deputy Principal-Academic and Register.

5. Assessment
a. If placement still available, assessment will be schedule. Assessment result will take at least five (5) working days. Results will be based on the assessment, recent school reports and interview.

6. Letter of Acceptance
a. Successful applicant will receive a Letter of Acceptance and Admission Form. Applicant has to decide whether to decline or accept the offer.

7. Accepting Offer
a. Applicant must return the completed and signed admission form a week after from the day of issue and must pay both registration fee and deposit to secure a placement in the school on or before the due date stated in the Letter of Acceptance.

8. Tuition Fees
a. Tuition fees and other fees must be settled before or on the due date stated in the Letter of Acceptance.


Principal’s Waiting List

If the placement is full, the applicant will be placed on the appropriate Principal’s Waiting List. Place is granted at the discretion of the Principal and based on the criteria such as ability, but not on a first served basis.

Appeals Process

Parents of unsuccessful applicant can lodge an appeal against the decision reached. Parents must write to the Principal via email stating clearly the reason for the appeal. AHIS reverses the right to exclude any applicant whose behaviour in unacceptable or has not met the minimum academic entry requirement.

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