The logo of Al-Hamra showcases a synergy of a few Islamic elements including geometric patterns, Arabic writings and a star symbol. The hearts forming a star symbolises excellence, which is in line with our mission to carry forth the Khairu Ummah and our focus in education excellence. The harmonious colour combination represents our versatile identity, thus signifying that our students shall be champions in every aspect of life.


Nurturing Future Champion

When the word champion comes to mind, most will often think of the definition of a winner. At Al-Hamra, the meaning of a champion goes far beyond that.

A champion is someone who protects the weak and stands for what is right. A champion constantly seeks opportunities to broaden their knowledge. They believe they can create an impact – a change towards betterment, not just for themselves, but for the community, organisation and country as well.

Someone who is wise and reasonable.
Someone who is truthful and honours integrity.
Someone who is driven to pursue their ambitions.
Someone who strives to seize excellence in the dunya and akhirah.

A champion excels in their goals and holds to their principles wherever they go.
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