Al-Hamra Integrated School

Today's Dilemma

Muslim parents in today’s modern cities are facing various challenges and dilemmas. One of the main concerns is on finding the right education system for their children. Like many others, Muslim parents have been leaning towards private educational institutions with the hope to get better values to prepare their children for the future. More than just the typical education system, they look forward to schools that can uphold Islamic values and way of life while instilling lifelong principles, developing good character and providing the right set of skills that their children will need to be relevant in a highly technological and globalised world.

On another hand, in a world where Islamophobia is rampant and Muslims are projected as weak and incompetent, there is a need to inspire or recapture the glorious days of Golden Islamic Age when Islam ruled the world by being leaders in various disciplines, champions of industries and heroes of the world with the Holy Quran & Sunnah of our beloved Prophet in their hearts. In other words, this is the perfect time for every Muslim to contribute to the rebirth of the Great Islamic Civilisation. 

Education is the Key

Therefore, these circumstances have led us to a clear understanding that there is a need to create a modern, knowledge-based school for Muslim children that able to nurture strong character and excellent values such as piety, humility and love, through promoting excellence in education designed for the future.

With the right approach, our young Muslims can be nurtured to solve real-world problems thus provide a positive impact globally as we gear up towards the next Industrial Revolution (IR4.0).

About Al-Hamra

Al Hamra Integrated School is a project initiated by a group of parents in Kota Damansara, Selangor. The name Al-Hamra is derived from a palace and fortress in Andalusia during the great Islamic Civilisation which symbolises a true Islamic historical legacy when Muslim were champions of the world. As a result, the name was chosen to get the whole mantra to “recapture” Al-Hamra, in order to inspire our students to reclaim the glories of the past by becoming champions of the future.
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